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We are a team of internationally acclaimed lawyers and consultants specializing in migration. One destination is Australia, where many people are seeking to stay permanently or temporarily, whether as tourists, temporary workers, students, to establish a business, to join family members or as retirees. Australia offers a large number of different visas for both temporary and permanent residency. Some visas can be applied for in Australia while others must be applied for from offshore.


In 1992 the Australian Government introduced the Migration Agent Registration Scheme to ensure that lawyers and migration agents giving migration advice meet strict standards. We provide advice and assistance with respect to all types of visa applications, both temporary and permanent. We have particular experience in the areas of:

·         Business visas

·         Employment visas

·         Family visas

·         Spouse visas

·         Skilled visas

·         Refugee visas

·         Student visas

·         Visitor visas


We also provide specialist support services:

·         Conducting appeals to the Migration Review Tribunal, the Refugee Review Tribunal the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Court of Australia.

·         Foreign Investment Review Board applications for temporary residents and foreign investors seeking to purchase property in Australia.

·         Australian citizenship applications.






We provide the following services to people who wish to commence, purchase or join a business in Australia to obtain a business visa:

·         Business assessment

·         Industry research (regulations, markets, etc.)

·         Set up Services (registration, location etc.)

We also provide consultation services on:

·         Import and Export

·         Foreign Investment

·         Joint Venturing

·         Loans and Finance






For our clients who arrive in Australia on permanent visas, we will assist with

·         Obtaining Employment, Work Permits, etc.

·         Obtaining Suitable residence

·         Community Integration

·         Emergency Services

Australian Immigration and Citizenship Centre does not normally obtain employment for visa applicants before their arrival in Australia.





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